as a software consultant

  • linked (open) data / semantic web
  • teaching / mentoring

as a multimedia consultant

  • sound design
  • graphic design / illustrations
  • interactions

short bio, activities

I have a mixed education background: a bachelor's degree in Computer Science Engineering (2003, with a thesis on Music Information Retrieval), and a professional master's course in Sound Engineering (2007, with a thesis on gestural interface to MAX/MSP platform).

From 2003 to 2006, I worked as a consultant and developer at Artificial Intelligence Research at Tor Vergata (ART) group.

From 2007-2016 I worked full-time as a freelancer: teaching programming languages and best practices, mentoring small companies on topics like Information Retrieval and Linked Data, and collaborating as a software engineer, often in the contexts of cultural heritage and public administration (open data publishing, and related).

Since 2016 I'm working at Almawave, mainly focusing on knowledge graphs and linked (open) data.

I'm still open for small consultancies and courses, in case I have some spare time... :-) So please, get in touch if you'd like to have a chat on these topics, or if you want to explore possible collaborations.

topics of interests

I love using graphs in many ways: from knowledge representation, to graph databases (RDF, LPG, etc) & linked open data. I like being involved actively in "civic hacking" projects. I'm also an enthusiast adopter of the Scala language.
I [seriously] love opensource.

some tool...
javasince 1998
scalasince 2011
SQLsince 1997
lucenesince 2005
solrsince 2010
elasticsearchsince 2012
RDF/OWLsince 2005
SPARQLsince 2006
wekaaround 2004/2006
XMLsince 2003
gremlinsince 2011
tinkerpopsince 2011
neo4jsince 2012
orientdbsince 2012
cyphersince 2012
sparksince 2016
dockersince 2014
kubernetessince 2017
PHPsince 2003
HTMLsince 2003
CSSsince 2003
javascriptsince 2007