as a software consultant

as a multimedia consultant

short bio, activities

I have a mixed education background: a bachelor's degree in Computer Science Engineering (2003, with a thesis on Music Information Retrieval), and a professional master's course in Sound Engineering (2007, with a thesis on gestural interface to MAX/MSP platform).
From 2003 to 2006, I worked as a consultant and developer at Artificial Intelligence Research at Tor Vergata (ART) group.
Since 2007 I worked as a freelancer: teaching programming languages and best practices, mentoring small companies on topics like Information Retrieval and Linked Data, and collaborating as a software engineer, often in the contexts of cultural heritage and public administration (open data publishing, and related).

topics of interests

I love using graph databases & linked data. I like the projects for "civic hacking". I'm an enthusiast adopter of the Scala language. I love opensource.